Sunday, April 22, 2018
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It’s been an epic month of September and my first for writing recipes for Ignite, here are my top 6 for September!

First up we have the boerie and garlic cheese roll….add Mrs. Balls to the mix and this one was number 1 on my list this month!

Did someone say rump steak rolled with Gorgonzola sauce…..enough said and this came in at number 2!


Steak, topped with mini wors, stuffed and topped off with cheese….a sure winner at number 3!

Burgers should not go on the braai….well except for this time 🙂 Coming in at number 4

Lemon and herb flattie defo comes in at 5 and may have been a contender for 1st…this was incredible!

An epic starter this had to be added to the list at 6! Camembert melted on the braai!