Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Braai 11

One thing about this trip is having to move on from places that are this incredible (although I reckon the tent is thanking us for moving though!!) but it was a sad goodbye to the windy and sandy spot of Tittiesbaai!

After packing up we had heard about Beaverlac Park in the Cederburg mountains, and after a 3 hour drive we arrived. The drive up is really great, and the drive into the mountain a bit crazy with drops down each side (although we couldn’t get it into the pictures!) Beaverlac has signs all over it to enter at your own risk and once we took on the path down we can see why. Our Isuzu got down easily but can imagine it’s a bit different in a normal car.

Once we set up, Castle in hand and the fire on we were treated to an incredible sunset over the mountains. Not seeing the sun and watching it against this was awesome. Half an hour later came the moon rise with a golden glow (awesome stuff!!) and with the campsite all to ourselves and not a breath of wind we both slept like babies!!

Threw some boerie on the braai tonight along with some toasties.

Remember it’s always Braai O’clock!


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