Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Braai 9

Weird feeling today, waking up and we are alive! That wind, I’m buckling down the tent in every direction tonight!!

Mich and I decided to celebrate this life and headed into Paternoster (call it Greece) for some lunch. What a great chilled out vibe up there and you can see how much development is happening…and you can see why!!

We then headed back to camp, and the Isuzu got stuck! Badly! I honestly thought the gravel was hard and managed to dig myself in nicely. And then Gawie, Elise and their awesome family helped us out (also our new friends!!) A lot of rocks, deflated tyres and a bit of digging we managed to get him out….beer time!!

Braai o’clock and a few brandies and beers with our new found friends! A great evening with all of you and it’s what the braai is all about!! Awesome steak along with some great boerie!

It’s always Braai o’clock!


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