Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Since launching the video I’ve had a lot of people ask me how the fire tube actually works. One packet of blitz lasts me 16 Braai’s, so I hope you will see the benefits!

For those that don’t know I had a braai every day in the UK for a year and completed the challenge in South Africa (the first person to braai 365 days both North and south of the equator). I’ve stared at well over 1000 fires since 2013 and wondered how I could make it a bit easier. It hit me in the Eastern Cape having a braai  on a concrete surface that if I could get air to the centre of the fire all would be good. And so started the invention of the Fire tube!

Over the course of 3 months and about 1000 emails I found a factory that could produce the tube in bulk and to the exact same spec every time. Here is a pic of the evolution of the tube



Lighting (It really is as simple as light and leave)

Over the past 4 years I have had a lot of questions about how to light a fire and many people said they used half a bag of blitz in each one. They also had a challenge of the fire lighter going out when they pour charcoal over it. The fire tube helps in keeping the coal away from the fire lighter which makes sure the fire lighter stays alight. Not only that, but you only need to use a small piece of blitz as once covered it ‘pushes’ the flames through all of the perforated holes.

One packet of blitz will last me 16 Braai’s!!


Air to the ‘Heart’

The second challenge is keeping the fire going. I had a braai on a lot of concrete braai’s without ventilation to the ‘heart’ of the fire. This can be solved by blowing or using a device to get air to it (fans etc.). That for me wasn’t great as it’s a bit of a mission. With the fire tube if you leave one or both sides uncovered, it allows air to filter straight to the heart and you don’t have to worry about any fans or blowing!

Ways to use the Tube

There are a few ways I’ve come up with and there are plenty more, however these few pictures will show you how the air gets straight to the ‘heart’ and keeps it fired up!






I hope that is able to show the few ways that you can make use of the ‘Fire Tube’….if you come up with any more #braai365 or #firetube and I’ll add the pics!




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