Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Lamb Potjie (Irish Style)

I made this for St. Paddys day during the year, and after reading about a proper Irish stew I adjusted it for the potjie. Apparently we get it wrong by adding Guinness, rather just drink it. The fat from the cutlets or chops makes an awesome gravy, so throw either in the mix!

– 4 Lamb Cutlets
– Fresh Coriander
– 3 Bay leaves
– 2 Carrots
– 5 Medium Potatoes
– 2 Stems Spring Onion
– 1 Cup Pearl Barley
– 200 – 500ml Lamb Stock
– Guinness (to drink)


– Peel the carrots and cut into smaller pieces
– Slice the spring onions into 1mm pieces
– Cut the potatoes into quarters
– Slice the onion
– Slice the fresh coriander
– Mix the lamb stock with the boiling water

Potjie Time (Pictures Below)

– Drink some Guinness
– Add some olive oil to the pot
– Brown the lamb in the potjie
– Remove the lamb
– Throw the onions and brown
– Throw in the pearl barley, spring onions and place the lamb so that you can add in the stock
– Drink some Guinness
– Add the stock so it covers most of the lamb
– Allow to simmer for 2 hours
– Add the potatoes, carrots and Bay leaves
– Drink the Guinness
– Allow to simmer for 3 hours.

**Serve up with rice


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